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Red Dot Power - Solar Leasing Programme (SLP)

Solar Leasing Programme (SLP)

Our Solar Leasing Programme offers clients the benefits of consuming green energy and at the same time lowering their electricity cost or earn a secondary income. That’ achieving corporate social responsibility (CSR) and more at zero cost.

Just give us access to your rooftop and leave the rest to us!

How Does the Solar Leasing Programme Works

We will bear capital and installation charges as well as operate and maintain the solar system throughout the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). This is a sustainable, worry-free and risk-free package for clients with no CAPEX, OPEX or hidden cost.

OPV installation
OPV installation 2

How Does the Solar Leasing Programme Benefits You

Generate Secondary Income

Or export to grid for part of the proceeds, generating a secondary income without incurring any additional cost.

Reduce Electricity Cost

The solar system works seamless with electricity from the utility grid. Clients can choose to consume the electricity generated at an attractive discount off prevailing tariff.


Who Qualifies For Solar Leasing Programme

Office Building

Office Buildings





Shopping Malls

Shopping Centres



and more

and more…


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