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Reduce your kWh usage by 5% per month in April, May and June 2017 in relation to usage in March 2017 and SAVE $$. RDP will give you an extra 1% off your monthly usage kWh charges for each of these months. This Green initiative is valid only for Q2/2017 (April to June 2017) and only applies to low tension retail consumers with a monthly usage of less than 250,000kWh. Please see our website for further details.


The months of April, May & June are traditionally the warmest and driest months of the year, and when it’s warmer consumption of electricity is high and hence electricity prices also increase. Here at RDP we want to help our customers reduce their consumption and save on their bills.

How it works

We measure your consumption every month in order to bill you accordingly. If you can reduce your consumption by 5% in April, May or June compared to your March consumption, RDP will give you an additional 1% off your electricity bill for that month.

Example: For illustration purpose, only

March consumption of 10,000kwh, average bill size of $1640.

April consumption reduce by 5%, consumption total up to 9500kwh, bill size $1558

RDP will deduct 1% off from the bill, giving a new total of $1542.42. That’s nearly $100 savings from the March bill, by reducing your consumption and RDP’s reward.

How to reduce consumption

  • Turn off unnecessary lights

- Obvious, right? Commercial spaces are often over lit especially on sunny days, turn off unneeded lights to save consumption and always turn off lights at the end of working hours.

  • Unplug unused electronics

- Modern devices are using electricity even when turned off, not using the TV, the Wi-Fi, the computers at night? Then turn them off before you leave.

  • Ditch the desktop

- Older model desktops use more electricity than newer models, turn to Laptops for even more energy efficiency

  • Regular servicing of Aircon

-   Another obvious one, clean and efficient aircon units save lots of electricity, paying for the servicing!

  • Energy efficient lightbulbs

- CFL and LED energy efficient lightbulbs may cost more to purchase but save more money in the long run

  • Set the aircon 1 degree warmer

- Often office workers complain that the office is too cold. Setting the aircon just 1 degree warmer can make big savings to your bills

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