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Red Dot Power and Younicos brings Vanadium Redox-Flow battery to Singapore

Singapore, October 23, 2017 - The Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore has awarded a two megawatt-hour Vanadium Redox-Flow battery energy storage system (ESS) test bed to Red Dot Power Pte Ltd, Singapore. Along with Red Dot Power, battery storage pioneer Younicos of Germany will be helping the city of Singapore to take the next step in integrating clean power into its grids. The Berlin-based storage specialist will not only deliver ESS test bed, will also provide its unique Y.Q software to control the storage system and interface it with Singapore Power’s grid operation.

The 8-hour duration, high-energy Redox flow battery will test several grid applications such as various forms of frequency regulation, peak shifting and the provision of reserves under the hot and humid climate of Singapore for two years. Red Dot Power and Younicos will work closely in installation and maintenance in order to build local capabilities for follow-up projects.

Vijay Sirse, the Founder Chairman and CEO of Red Dot Power: “We would like to thank the Energy Market Authority and Singapore Power and Younicos for placing their trust in us. We are excited to be part of this important pioneering project. Asia is an exciting market for Red Dot Power and Younicos and we look forward to delivering cost-effective energy storage and distributed energy management solutions throughout the region.”

Additional project partners include the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Testing Services (STS). NUS will deliver policy recommendations based on a techno-economic assessment of the project. This assessment relies on the data generated and collected during the two years of test-bed operation. In addition, NUS will develop an Undergraduate Course on Battery Storage to educate young energy professionals in this emerging technology.

STS will use the deployed energy storage system to develop tools and methodologies for test and certification of grid-scale storage systems.

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Red Dot Power Pte Ltd, a Singapore home grown vTrium Energy Group Company is a leading player in the National Electricity Market of Singapore. Known as an initial disrupter on the energy scene, Red Dot Power is the first independent Electricity Retailer to begin the electricity supply to contestable class of electricity consumer in Singapore and occupies #1 position (as of September 2017) amongst the independent electricity retailers in terms of market share. Red Dot Power provides all-inclusive energy management solutions to its retail electricity consumers both on demand side and supply side i.e., electricity demand management and retail electricity supply coupled with solar and battery storage installations, thus providing a complete one-stop energy solution to the electricity consumers in Singapore.

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