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Green Energy

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Green Energy

Traditional solar panels mounted on rooftop

Traditional Solar

Red Dot Power is the investor, owner and operator of a portfolio of traditional C-Si Solar Modules based solar projects. The first investment is in Singapore for a rooftop solar project with 237 KWp which has an export capacity that will be offered to our sustainability conscious retail customers under the Green Tariff plan. Red Dot Power has a pipeline of solar projects under evaluation totalling to installed capacity close to 50 MW in the SE Asia region.

Organic PV

Red Dot Power, under its parent vTrium Energy, introduced Organic PV (OPV) solutions in Singapore. This was done under a technological partnership with Heliatek of Germany, a world leader in the OPV technology. Three solar projects with JTC Singapore have been successfully implemented.The OPV solar films have exceeded expectations in Singapore’s tropical hot and humid weather conditions.
The success of this OPV project is a definite game changer for the solar industry in Singapore. Red Dot Power’s vision is to convert every building façade into an electricity generator. OPV solar films are flexible, lightweight and are easily mounted on any surface, converting passive building facades into active electricity generating platforms. And what’s more, the OPV films will enhance the building appeal and architectural look unlike traditional solar solutions.
This initiative has enabled Red Dot Power to expand its reach in Singapore and the region - all of whom have voiced significant interest in this technology. 

Battery Storage system tie-up with Younicos

Battery Storage

With the increase in renewable and green energy options, there comes a need to integrate battery storage for these intermittent sources of power. These solutions provide grid stability and optimal utilisation of said energy sources. As a result, Red Dot Power has tied up with storage battery systems integrator Younicos of Germany to offer fully customisable applications catering to both off-grid and grid applications.
The integration of storage solutions with renewable energy resources is the next big thing and Red Dot Power is poised to be the first mover in offering these application specific solutions.