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Demand Mangement Program (DMP)

Demand Management Programs (DMPs) such as Interruptible Load (IL) and Demand Response (DM) enable high electricity consumers to generate a secondary income by reducing part of their consumption from time to time. Designed by the Electricity Market Authority and operated by PSO, DMP resolves grid imbalances that may occur during peak consumption or outage events. Remuneration is assessed and disbursed by EMC. 


Benefits of Demand Management Programs

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  • No CAPEX or OPEX required

  • Minimal staff training

  • No setup or participation fees required

  • Earn money even when on stand-by (for IL)

  • 1 to 2 hours activation per curtailment (once a month)

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Who Qualifies for Demand Management Programs

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Office Buildings





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Shopping Centers



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and more…


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