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Demand Management

Developing Sustainable Energy Management
& Optimizing Smart Grid Capabilities

Demand Management for Electricity

Managing the demand for electricity can be a challenge for utilities and grid operators. DR and IL Project Management is a very involved and detail oriented process between all the stakeholders i.e., customers, utilities and grid operators.  Each commercial, institutional, or industrial customers are all unique and have different requirements. Red Dot Power has extensive “behind-the-meter” expertise across a wide range of these vertical industries. Each solution is customised to the specific needs of the customer segment.

At Red Dot Power, we implement a full-service Demand Response (DR) program that helps utilities meet peak demand and address system contingencies. As a variant, the Interruptible Load scheme allows customers the option to curtail load MW capacity, back into the Reserve Market of NEMS. Choosing Red Dot Power allows you to leverage significant resources which have been invested in demand response technology. This allows the company to deliver reliable and timely response capacity as needed. The DR/IL program is a sustainable effort to aggregate reduction in energy consumption thereby reducing the need for new power plants to be constructed, leading to a greener environment.

Customer Recruitment

Red Dot Power’s business development team is a dedicated resource responsible for signing customers into Demand Response programs. Working closely with utilities, the Red Dot Power team enrolls qualified and interested participants in the program by executing participation agreements. Each agreement is catered to the capabilities and participating terms of the existing customer.

Site Enablement

Once a customer enrolls, Red Dot Power installs metering and control technology at the client’s website. We then conduct an “acceptance test” to practice receiving event notifications and to validate the agreed curtailment plan.

Access to Energy Data

Each participating customer receives access to an online platform which allows you to monitor energy consumption in near real time. 

Integration with Utility Systems

Working closely with our utility partners, Red Dot Power establishes a communications link between the control room and Red Dot Power’s Network Operations Center (NOC). This allows for coordination, dispatch procedures and protocols to initiate demand response events.


Event Dispatch & Management

From start to end of demand response occurrences, Red Dot Power has a succinct and streamlined approach. Within minutes of receiving notification from our utility partners, we notify customers and initiate load reduction strategies, we monitor demand response event performance in real time, we “coach” customers as needed throughout events, and we restore loads after events.

M&V Settlement

Measurement and verification is a critical determinant of the success of any demand response program. Red Dot Power uses industry approved methodologies which calculate a customer’s baseline through an amalgamation of consumption data. Red Dot Power monitors all data in order to provide detailed post-event reports to the utility following each event. Red Dot Power then administers the settlement process directly with both parties. 

Ongoing Management

Red Dot Power’s demand response resources require ongoing investment and management to ensure event-readiness and reliability. In order to achieve this, Red Dot Power constantly monitors and regulates network connectivity; regularly assesses customer satisfaction and efficiently addresses any issues that may arise.  

Superior Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Red Dot Power. Our operations team work round the clock to ensure appropriate support is given, to optimise customer experiences, and overall performance.