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Top 10 ways to save on your electricity bill and reduce your energy usage


In 2017, the electricity consumption of Singapore households have gone up by about 17%(1) compared to levels in 2007, according to a report by the National Environmental Agency (NEA). With electricity tariff set to rise over the coming years, we should look at how with a few simple changes to your electricity appliances usage you can reduce your monthly utility bill and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the nation’s climate action pledge!

Here are our top 10 electricity saving tips that are guaranteed to help you reduce your next electricity bill:

Tip # 1: Switch off when not in use

Many of us have the tendency to leave the TV playing in the background while doing other chores at home. Switch off all electricity appliances when not in use - it’s the most simple and effective way to reduce your electricity consumption.

Tip # 2: Unplug when not in use.

Are you also aware that appliances such as chargers still consume electricity even when they’re not charging? Besides switching off your appliances, unplug the ones that you do not use regularly to reduce your electricity usage.

Tip # 3: Make use of your TV’s ambient light sensor.

Opting for Netflix instead of a night out? Switching on the sensor will effectively manage the brightness of your screen accordingly, if you’re watching it in a dark room. This will reduce your power consumption.

Tip # 4: Switch to LED light bulbs.

LED light bulbs typically consume up to 85% less energy than incandescent light bulbs as they give off less heat when switched on, which reduces your monthly electricity consumption. Additionally, LED light bulbs last longer compared to incandescent light bulbs which can further result in savings on replacement cost of $15 per bulb yearly(2). Lastly, LED light bulbs are a safer option as they are toxins and mercury free while the less heat produced poses less fire risk for your home!

Tip # 5: Keep it to 25˚C.

A survey conducted by the NEA showed that air-conditioners, refrigerators and water heaters account for most of the total electricity consumption in a typical household in Singapore; with air-conditioners taking the bulk of it at 24%(3). Simply set your air con temperature at about 25˚C or above. You save up to $25 a year(4) for every degree you raise.

Tip # 6: Keep plants for a cooler home.

Plants not only brighten your space, they give out water during transpiration, thus keeping the air around it cool, purified and fresh. You won’t need the air-con so often!

Tip # 7: Air dry your laundry.

Take advantage of Singapore’s warm climate to air-dry your clothes instead of using the clothing dryer. Reduce the amount of moisture in clothes by enabling the spin function on your washing machine. This uses less energy than the heat of an automated clothes dryer and adds to your favourite clothing’s shelf life!

Tip # 8: Do your laundry in cold water.

Contrary to common belief, doing your laundry in hot water does not result in cleaner clothes. In fact, it could make stubborn stains like wine stains permanent, ruining your garments(5). Nearly 90%(6) of the energy consumption of a washing machine goes to heating the water. The next time you do your laundry, consider switching your washing machine settings to cold water instead!

Tip # 9: Install a smart meter

Did you know that you have an option to switch to an AMI meter, or smart meter? With smart meters, your electricity consumption is measured real-time and remotely read at half-hourly intervals. By monitoring your electricity consumption usage, you will be able to eliminate electricity wastage, thus lowering your bill.

Tip # 10: Switch to Red Dot Power and enjoy up to 20%* savings off your electricity bill

If you choose not to do anything from tips 1-9, you may simply switch your electricity retailer to us and immediately enjoy up to 20%* savings off your current electricity bill with SP Group. That amounts to $256 per year in savings! Explore your options here.

*Based on the average monthly electricity usage of a 5-room flat on the current SP tariff rate in comparison to our eFIX 2-year plan. Accurate as of 21 June 2018, 10am.