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Budget 2018 and what it means for your energy bill

Budget 2018 What it menas for your energy bill

With the Budget 2018 announcement done and dusted, now its time to take a look at how the announcement will have an impact on your business when it comes to your energy bill!

With impending carbon tax set to be implemented, the cost of energy usage and operations look set to increase in 2019. The carbon tax was previously announced at a range of between $10 to $20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions for large emitters in Singapore. However, with the recent announcement from Budget 2018, the carbon tax charges were revised downwards to $5 per tonne through 2023.  The lower tax rate is definitely something for businesses to rejoice about.  

With the carbon tax coming into effect next year, it’s time to get your company prepared and start working out plans on cutting on your energy usage now! Drop us your contact here to let us help you kickstart your energy management plan.

Ryan ng