Red Dot Power
Singapore's First Independent Electricity Retailer
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About Red Dot Power

Integrity, Honesty and Innovation

About Us

Red Dot Power Pte Ltd (RDP), a homegrown Singapore energy solutions provider of vTrium Energy Group is a pioneer and leading player in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS). Known as an initial disrupter on the energy scene, Red Dot Power has been at the forefront of the electricity retail scene since the entry of independent electricity retailers. Occupying a significant market share, we offer competitive pricing, customisable savings plans and unparalleled customer care.

As a value-added service we specialise in offering integrated electricity supply and demand management such as Demand Response (DR) and Interruptible Load (IL), a one-stop solution for both supply and demand management.

Convenient and Easy as 123

For the first time, you will be able to access and manage all your power needs online through our interactive customer portal. Easily monitor your energy consumption and view your past bills at the click of the button. Come 2018, you will also be able to lump your bill payments for your business and residence for more efficient savings.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Balancing both demand and supply, we offer a one-stop experience specifically catered to individual energy management needs. We are the first adopter of Demand Response in Singapore, successfully implementing it with the Electricity Market Authority (EMA, Singapore’s energy regulator).

Demand Response / Interruptible Load, two forms of electricity demand management solution, allows consumers to reduce or reassign their power usage in times of peak demand, forced outages or system emergencies. This program is a sustainable effort to aggregate reduction in energy consumption and reduce the need for new power plants to be constructed, leading to a greener environment. RDP is currently offering substantial Interruptible Load capacity in the Contingency Reserve segment of NEMS.

Keeping Our Urban Jungle Alive

RDP is also an investor, owner and operator of solar projects and add-in storage solutions. Our parent company, vTrium Energy, implemented Organic PV (Solar Power) solutions for the first time in Singapore. RDP also invested in rooftop conventional solar modules projects in Singapore. Coupled with Organic PV and traditional solar solutions, Red Dot Power’s aim is to convert every building façade in Singapore into an electricity generator. We have to produce greener energy in our urban jungle, ultimately building a better future for Singapore.