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Integrated Energy Solutions

Red Dot Power Pte Ltd (RDP) is a homegrown Singapore energy solutions provider. A pioneer and leading player in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS), Red Dot Power has been at the forefront of the electricity retail scene since the entry of independent electricity retailers. Primarily offering electricity retail services, we also offer Demand Management and Interruptible Load solutions, efficient grid and off-grid options, storage applications, urban energy solutions and solar projects.




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Our Products and Services

Demand Response / Interruptible Load (DR/IL)

Demand Response / Interruptible Load (DR/IL) is a form of an electricity management solution, which allows consumers to reduce or reassign their power usage in times of peak demand, forced outages or system emergencies. The DR / IL program is a sustainable effort to aggregate reduction in energy consumption, thereby reducing the need for new power plants to be constructed, leading to a greener environment.


Solar projects

Red Dot Power is an investor, owner and operator of Solar projects and add-in storage solutions as may be required. vTrium Energy, the parent of Red Dot Power implemented the Organic PV (OPV) projects for the first time in Singapore. Red Dot Power has also invested in rooftop conventional solar module projects with export power capabilities in Singapore. This enables green tariff options to our retail customers.


GRID and OFF-GRID storage solutions

Red Dot Power offers MW scale battery storage solutions for the grid, off-grid and micro-grid applications. Red Dot Power researches various battery technologies around the globe - including software and data analytics - for better functionality and adaptability for local conditions. Red Dot Power in partnership with German innovator, Younicos AG, offers cutting edge storage solutions that complements Singapore’s bid to increase intermittent solar power generation.


Urban Energy Solutions

In partnership with Heliatek and Younicos of Germany, Red Dot Power has a vision to convert every urban building façade into an electricity generator. Our urban solutions package fosters green energy practices by integrating solar (both conventional and OPV), mini wind turbines and battery storage in stand alone mode or under a Micro Grid architecture. A definite game changer.

Retail of electricity

Red Dot Power is the first independent retailer to begin the supply of electricity to a contestable class of customers and currently occupy a significant market share in the electricity retail sector. Optimising the benefits of the Electricity Futures Market, we are able to hedge risks at competitively determined prices offering one-stop energy solutions for commercial, industrial and housing* needs.
*Available in 2018


We are pioneering the most intelligent way electricity is used by consumers by integrating electricity supply and demand management services, a unique offering by Red Dot Power.
— Vijay Sirse / Founder, Chairman & CEO